Lachrymal Apparatus


Lachrymal Apparatus

Lachrymal Apparatus

Normal Tears

  • Tears are made in a gland under the skin above the eye. They flow over the front surface of the eye, and drain into tiny tear ducts in the eyelids, near the nose (under the skin).
  • Then they flow into a tear ‘sac’, and from there they pass through a wide channel, the ‘naso-lacrimal duct’ into the inside of the nose.


Too Many Tears
  • There are some conditions that can cause your eye make too many tears. Many people with watery eyes have a combination of too many tears and blocked tear duct. Conditions that ‘cuase’ watery eyes include.
  • Something irritating your eyes, such as an allergy
  • Thyroid eye disease (this is an unusual cause) 
  • Dry eyes (by making the eyes sore and causing reflex watering)
  • Blepharitis …inflamed eyelids
Poorly spreading tears 
  • If your tears are too thin and do not spread evenly across the eye dry patches may develop on the surface of the eye. These dry patches make the eye feel sore and then your eyes may start to water. This is usually due to a type of conjunctivitis, and is often due to the drugs you are taking (such as anti-ulcer drugs, anti-hypertensives, anti-depressants).
  • Using artificial tears can help make the eye feel a lot more comfortable; the artificial tears may spread more evenly, and you can buy them from the chemist.  Gel type of artificial tears are generally best to try first.
  • Surprisingly, if your eyes are ‘dry’ you may notice watery eyes: your eyes become sore and this makes your eye make more tears. But these tears may not spread properly, and dry patches develop on the surface of the eyes (as below).
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