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Dr Hahnemann vision for PSM

Hahnemann was a visionary. He did not limit the scope of his vision to understanding and treating disease; he went further and envisioned a greater role, a greater responsibility for the physician. This extension of his vision is evident in the fourth aphorism.

Factors that Derange Health
These include the primary causative factors which decrease our vitality and predispose us to various disease states. There can be a variety of factors which can derange our vital force like:
1. Mental & Emotional Factors: like unusual mental strain due to studies, worries, exposure to too much obscenity or violence through any media, a heart break, exposure to family violence, separation or death of a loved one, suppressed anger, physical or psychological abuse, harassment, a shock etc.
2. Physical Factors: like unusual physical strain or trauma.
3. Environmental Factors: exposure to extremes of heat, cold, damp, or dry atmosphere.
4. Social Factors: like unhygienic surroundings, food adulterations, pollution.
5. Bad Habits: unhealthy diet, lack of physical exercise, irregular sleep cycle, addictions.
6. Suppressive medicine/treatment of any kind.

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